It's a debate as old as pizza. Do you eat the crust or not?

I, for one, love the crust. If I eat pizza, I am eating ALL of the pizza.

However, there are some heathens that prefer to leave the crusts behind. Shameful.

Well, Villa Italian Kitchen understands people like me, who don't leave a carb behind.

Starting on July 18th they will be selling 'Just the Crusts'.

It's five pieces of crust stuffed in a pizza slice box! And this deliciousness will only set you back $2.75.

Lucky for us, here in the Sioux Falls area, there is a Villa Italian Kitchen in the Sioux Empire Mall! Score!

The crusts look quite different from bread sticks. There is actually bits of sauce and cheese along the edge. I just hope these crusts aren't leftovers from discarded slices.

Don't worry, according to the website, the crusts are made daily in house.






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