Plans are coming together for Veteran's Cemetery to be established on the edge of Sioux Falls, with the joint efforts from state and private funding boosting the project. The bill passed out of committee on a unanimous vote.

Funding from the state of South Dakota is moving along as the Joint Committee on Appropriations of the Legislature reached an agreement to authorize and create initial funding for the new State Veterans Cemetery. The state will provide $450,000 for the design and planning of the cemetery.

Senator Larry Tideman says the legislative action also establishes a goal for the timing of the project with a goal of raising three million dollars by 2023.

The City of Sioux Falls has promised to donate the land for the cemetery. According to Sioux Falls City Councillor Pat Starr, the parcel of land is located north of I-90 and was initially purchased and set aside as public works land for additional water wells prior to the Lewis and Clarke water program.


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