No matter where you went to college you remember the days of paying rent or living in the dorms.

It wasn't cheap then, but the current prices for off campus housing at the University of Minnesota may surprise you as they continue to skyrocket.

For context, I lived around the University of Minnesota my freshman year of college and paid $600 per month for my share of a three bedroom apartment that was brand new and fully furnished.

The next couple of years I paid $800 a month to share a three bedroom apartment at a different newly constructed complex just west of campus.

Now days near the University of Minnesota, that would be a deal.

According to WCCO Minneapolis, rent is skyrocketing near and around campus.

Most all new builds are considered luxury apartments and cost upwards of $2600 per month for a two bedroom apartment.

They also found a one bedroom near campus that was listed for $1524 per month, with most studio apartments listed above $1200 per month.

You aren't just paying for luxury finishes, a great location, a modern look and new appliances, you are also paying for the amenities.

Some of the amenities include outdoor pool, yoga studios, bistros, cabana lounges, heated indoor parking and more.

So the next time you see someone complaining about their kids college rent, make sure and tell them it could be worse in Minneapolis.


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