Sioux Falls Police say two transients were arrested after they tried to burglarize a beer truck at 11th Street and South Duluth Avenue early Thursday morning.

"The driver of the truck had parked to make a delivery. He had gone in and went back for another load. The driver found one person inside the beer truck and a second man who was trying to get in," said Captain Loren McManus.

"They took off when he arrived. By the time we got there we found them a couple of blocks away. Officers talked with them. They were both arrested for criminal trespass of a motor vehicle."

So, what happened to the beer?

"Well I think the main [goal] was to get the beer, yes and they were unsuccessful in doing that," McManus told us.

McManus identified the two suspects as 29-year-old Michael Dubrey and 32-year-old Robert Joseph. Both are from Sioux Falls.

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