A rash of forged video lottery tickets began to recently appear in Sioux Falls. It appears that one man continues to evade police after two more attempts occurred over the weekend.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens detailed the scenarios that occurred. One of them took place near 10th Street and Van Eps Avenue on Sunday around 11:30 PM.

“The (clerk) accepted the (altered ticket), paid him the money and started looking at it later after the fact and realized that it had been altered.”

On Friday, Clemens said a different business on West Russell Street reported an attempt at a person passing a bogus ticket near Bailey Avenue around 10:00 PM.

“That one they recognized ahead of time that there was something off with (the ticket) and it needed to be verified. The suspect said that he would stop back later, but didn’t leave any contact information.”

Many of these recent incidents have the same formula according to Clemens.

“All of these seem to have the same (format) where the original ticket is worth about a dollar or less and then is made out to be $400 or $500. They seem to be pretty good alterations or forgeries. If the clerks look closely at the tickets, they will be able to tell that these (tickets) are fraudulent.”

The handful of encounters with fake video lottery tickets over the last week are mostly associated with a suspect described as a black man about six feet tall. One outlying instance involved a woman who cashed in a forged ticket.

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