A bad turn led to police arresting five men on Saturday night near 12th and West in Sioux Falls. Furthermore, a gun that was reported stolen back in April resurfaced.

Around 11:30 PM Saturday, officers witnessed a car making an illegal turn into the far lane. Officer Sam Clemens said when the officer walked up to the vehicle, there was an aroma of marijuana.

“He searched the passenger (in the front seat) and found some meth. There were two baggies with a measurable quantity of meth. The guy tried to take off running, but officers were able to catch him nearby.”

Upon searching the vehicle, officers found 21 grams of marijuana and a stolen pistol. “It turns out that 9mm handgun was one that was stolen at the beginning of April,” Clemens said. “It was one of several handguns that were stolen from one unlocked car. It’s a good example that shows where these stolen guns can end up in a car with meth and marijuana.”

Arrested were 21-year old Fermosa Yassin of Vermillion, 20-year old Rundial Biliu of Sioux Falls, 19-year old Paul Clemen Paul of Sioux Falls, 19-year old Matias Kowang of Vermillion and 18-year old Noureldin Abdalla of Sioux Falls.

All five people in the car were charged with possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, possession of stolen property, and having a concealed firearm. Biliu faces additional charges of possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and fleeing police.

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