I am so sick and tired of people wanting Andrew Wiggins to leave Minnesota and I am so happy that the Timberwolves didn't trade him before the trade deadline.

Rumors started stirring this week that Wigigns may be on his way out in Minnesota as the Wolves may be listening to offers for the former #1 overall pick.

Those rumors were mainly circulated by fans and angry media members in the Twin Cities who are tired of a guy who is averaging over 17 ppg and they didn't seem to have much substance.

People who don't like Wiggins will always dislike Wiggins until he is on a Kobe or Lebron level, but I look at it much differently.

Minnesota fans have to realize you are in Minnesota and not LA, not Chicago, not Houston, not Miami and not NYC.

Minnesota fans have to realize that you won the trade to obtain Wiggins when you gave up a aging and always injured Kevin Love.

Minnesota fans have to realize that you have to over pay to keep players in Minnesota because you are never going to get free agents to flock to the Twin Cities.

Minnesota fans have to realize Wiggins is 23 and they have four more years to see if he is worth the contract that was given to him.

Minnesota fans have to realize that by alienating Wiggins that will only drive more free agents away in the future when they see the ungrateful nature of those fans when they think they are owed something that is unrealistic.

I am not naive to the fact that Wiggins has some flaws in his game from the defensive end to the moments where it seems like he isn't as engaged as he should be.

That said, NO WAY do you give up on a guy who has proven he is a good second option to Karl Anthony Towns and who is good friends with your franchise player to boot.

Can Wiggins improve on the defensive end? Sure.

Can Wiggins improve on the boards? Sure.

Can Wigigns be more consistent with his effort? Sure.

All the Wiggins haters need to do a little research though on what the Wolves are actually receiving from Wiggins vs that of playoff teams throughout the league.

Only half of the current playoff teams in the league have their second best scorer contributing more than Wiggins.

Which also proves my point that it is more about the team around Wiggins and Towns vs that of Wiggins play that is holding the Wolves back from the postseason this year.

I'm getting all holy as I'm thanking God today that the Timberwolves didn't trade Wiggins and I'm praying to him too that he will prove all the haters wrong as he continues his career in Minnesota.


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