I've never been one who "collects things." I know a lot of people who do though; accumulating things like autographs, action figures - or spoons.

In this particular case though I may be willing to make an exception. Items owned by Thomas Edison went on the auction block over the weekend.

Keys to the Menlo Park, New Jersey lab where Edison invented the phonograph and some of the light bulbs that he perfected sold for more than $60-thousand.

Tags on some of the keys even listed the specific doors they opened, including Edison's 1876 lab that became known as the "invention factory."

A bulb created by a German inventor who claimed to have invented the incandescent light bulb before Edison did sold for more than $23-thousand.

And a set of five Edison bulbs used in a court case sold for $30-thousand.

All the items sold were acquired by a Charlie Knudsen of Pittsburgh. They belonged to his great-aunt who was married to one of the attorneys whose law firm represented Edison.

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