Spend a couple minutes in conversation with Jason Kurtz or Sion Lidster and you will find their passion for the written, and spoken word is contagious.

They will also more than likely get you fired up about their dream of making a space in the local community to get together and share in the art of words.

Jason and Sion are the owners of The Full Circle Book Co-op, and have some big news for the local art scene.

If you have been to one of the South Dakota Writes or The Blot Collective events, you have probably heard of The Full Circle book Co-op dream.

A creative hub and bookstore where people can shop, eat, drink, learn, create and experience the creative community.

The Full Circle Book Co-op shared this week that their dream for a permanent Sioux Falls location is about to become real.

You can be a part of supporting The Full Circle Book Co-op dream and making it a reality for the community.

There is always something refreshing and inspiring about people who share, and chase their dreams.

I am especially encouraged by people whose dreams benefit others, and there is no doubt that The Full Circle Book Co-op will benefit the community.

To watch Sion and Jason talk about the book store, and event details or to contribute to the Kick starter cause watch this video.

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