Parents might not want to openly admit it, but one of the best things about summer coming to an end,  is when kids go back to school!  And some of those parents take that enthusiasm to a new level.

Remember the family that sang in their Christmas jammies?  Well, the Holderness Family is back and now dressed in their "back-to-school" clothes.  Do you recognize this?  If not, the original song is 'Baby Got Back' by 1992 rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.  The back-to-school version, however, talks about how the parents like "big buses" and we cannot like, because "baby got class"!

As funny as this video is, and even though it really its close to home for many parents, the Holderness Family does dedicate it to all of the teachers who take care of our kids all year and don't make enough money.

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