In a corridor that will bring more growth to western Sioux Falls, crews are expanding the Tea Ellis Road from 12th Street to 41st Street in 2018.

Josh Peterson, an Engineer for the City of Sioux Falls lays out the thirty thousand foot view in the scope of the project which will be the one to draw the most attention in the city.

“This is our biggest street project for this year, our flagship project. It’s going to be the biggest one we’ve seen on the west side of Sioux Falls in a few years and our biggest project in the whole city this year.”

There are plenty of rooftops west of Ellis Road in that area which Peterson admits further accelerates the need for an upgrade for the road.

“There’s about six thousand cars a day that travel on it. The two-lane road we have out there now is at capacity. Plus the pavement is in pretty tough shape. We’ve gotten our money’s worth out of it. The time has come to replace it.”

Two miles of newly constructed road is hopefully to be completed by mid-November. Other elements such as installing sidewalks and the landscaping will wait until next year.

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