Target has announced on Monday, July 27, 2020, that they will also be closed for this year's Thanksgiving Day holiday according to Fox Bussiness.

The decision was made as a large crowd deterrent for the upcoming busy holiday shopping season.

Because of the decision to be closed on Thanksgiving, Target will begin to promote its holiday sale items as early as the month of October.

Target also states that it will showcase the items that will be on sale both before and after the Thanksgiving Holiday; online and in-store.

Within the past few weeks leading up to the decision, Target already made their employees wear face masks, sanitize every cart, basket, and self check out stand between each person.

Then the department store chain made the requirement to have all their customers wear face coverings as well beginning this Saturday, August 1.

This conclusion has come after Walmart had made the decision that they would also be closed on Thanksgiving Day last week.

So as a heads up for those last-minute shopping kinds of people, make sure you have all the stuffing ingredients and cranberry sauce already purchased at least by Thanksgiving Eve.

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