Meet Spider-Gwen in the New ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ Trailer
A few weeks ago, I got to see a preview of some footage from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I wasn’t allowed to write about it at the time, but you can see some of what I saw in this terrific trailer that’s now available. And the feeling I got from the footage is the feeling you can get here: Na…
Spider-Man Rumor: Marvel’s Spidey May Not Be White
In news that will surely ignite all kinds of controversy, a new Spider-Man rumor has arrived on the internet suggesting that the new Peter Parker will not be played by a white guy. In fact, he could be played by (gasp!) a black or Latino actor! And, he might not even be Peter Parker!
New 'Spider-Man' Seeks Younger Star, More Marvel Plans
It was the news we’d all be hoping and wishing and waiting for: last night, Marvel officially announced that they’ve reached an agreement with Sony for a Spider-Man crossover, which could also allow for MCU characters to crossover into Spidey’s own films. On top of that, Marvel …
Hugh Jackman Reacts to the Marvel and Spider-Man Deal
We spoke to Hugh Jackman earlier today for his upcoming movie ‘Chappie’ (we’ll have much more on that movie soon), and as we were making small talk, we asked Mr. Jackman whether he had heard the news yet about Marvel and Sony Pictures coming to terms on an agreement that would a…

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