It happens all the time. People meet at the bar, then eventually gravitate to someone’s place. This Sioux Falls encounter was longer and more harrowing than the normal hookup.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says a woman contacted authorities and described her experience over the past week.

“Our victim went to a bar where she met the suspect. They left the establishment together early Saturday morning and went to his apartment. He kept her there for several days. He sexually assaulted her, he beat her with a few different objects. He let her leave the apartment (on Thursday) and then she contacted police.”

While the victim was held captive, Clemens admits that the woman’s family had reached out to police.

“A family member had called police and made a report to check on her on Tuesday because it was unusual that she had pretty much disappeared. Obviously he had kept her in that apartment without any access to a phone or anything like that.”

Based on the information provided by the victim, Clemens says police decided to proceed carefully when attempting to apprehend the suspect on S. Norton Avenue.

“We had some information that he maybe had access to a handgun and he may have been using some drugs. For those reasons the SWAT team was brought in to assist with the search warrant. There were no issues with taking him into custody.”

No drugs or weapons were found in the apartment and police are still processing the details of the incident. For now the 59-year old suspect is charged with second degree kidnapping. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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