We all know that soup is good food evidently, it also makes a good weapon for a robbery.

KSFY TV is reporting that Sioux Falls police are currently trying to track down a suspect who used a can of soup as a weapon during an attempted robbery over the weekend.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told KSFY, the incident happened around 3:30 PM on Saturday, (August 25) in the parking lot McDonald's on North Cliff Avenue. The victim in the case was attempting to get into his car, when another man allegedly came up from behind him and struck the victim several times on the head with a can of soup, before trying to take his wallet.

According to KSFY, the suspect then fled the scene on foot after failing to take the victim's wallet.

Fortunately, the victim received no serious injuries as a result of the attempted robbery.

Police say the suspect is described as a balding, older white male, about 5'10" tall, with a medium build. He may be armed with a can of Campbell's Soup. (Just kidding. I made that part up, sorry!) 

Anyone with further information on this case is asked to please call Crime Stoppers at 877-367-7007.

Source: KSFY TV

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