If you have ever wondered why cities will fight for the right to host a Super Bowl, you won't have to look any further than what it did to the city of Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Host Super Bowl Committee has released its results of an Economic Impact Report and found that Super Bowl LII has brought in over $450 million to the local economy of Minneapolis. The money was split between people visiting the city, companies hosting events, and the broadcast operations of the Super Bowl itself. When considering tourism money that would have been spent anyway (deemed "displaced-tourism"), the study found that the Super Bowl was still a net gain of about $370 million.

According to the study, visitors spent an average of $608 per day. From personal experience, with lower-end hotel rooms being priced at around $300 per night and prices being increased for everything across the board, spending $608 per day would have been very easy to do. Even a standard Super Bowl LII t-shirt would run about $50 during the week.

Members of Minneapolis have already said that they wish in the future to host another Super Bowl. With the amount generated it is easy to see why they would. We'll see if it actually ever happens again.


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