The ground....or already shaking because of thundering Wiener dogs!  It's the 7th annual Sioux Nation Pet Clinic Wiener Dog Races, Saturday, February 22 at the Sioux Falls Arena.

Expect 40 wiener dogs, of all different speeds, to thunder across the ice during the period intermissions of the Sioux Falls Stampede game Saturday night.  Only the fastest wiener dogs will advance, with the fastest wiener dog being named champion.

Dakota Dachshund Rescue will also be at the hockey game with dachshunds that are available for adoption in the front lobby before and during the game.

Only 40 wiener dogs are allowed to participate in this annual event, and registration is open.  There is a $15 registration fee due before the dogs can race, and that money will go right to the Dakota Dachshund Rescue.

As a reminder, registration is required to race your wiener dog, but a ticket to get into the game is also needed so your dog can participate.  Purchase tickets for $10, with $5 from each ticket being donated to the Dakota Dachshund Rescue to help their rescue efforts.

The Sioux Falls Stampede host Fargo at the Sioux Falls Arena Saturday night.