The United States Chamber of Commerce feels that the introduction of tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration on goods coming into the country is doing harm to our nation’s economy.

As Policy Director for the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Debra Owen says her group is in agreement with their national counterparts saying that South Dakota is feeling the effects of the President’s trade policy.

“Like the national organization, we have grave concerns about the impact to our local and state economies when it comes to tariffs. Also NAFTA is a concern. There has not been an agreement between the two parties on that one and then we have the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). There’s a lot in play with the economy that really affects South Dakota directly.”

Under normal circumstances, Owen cites that one third of South Dakota’s soybean crop goes to China. She hopes these policies don’t further pose a threat to a farm economy that is already under pressure.

“It’s a real squeeze especially in that area of the economy. It’s a down economy now. We’ve had better days. It’s not terrible, but the whole tariff fight which we understand is meant for good. It’s alarming and it’s perilous for our economy.”

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce has been in contact with South Dakota’s Congressional delegation with their concerns and her group preaches patience for now.

Additionally, Owen says it’s encouraging that Senators Thune and Rounds and Representative Noem have spoken out against tariffs with their recent letter to the President.

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