Last night 'So You Think You Can Dance' had the first performance show with their newly unveiled top 20.

The dancers were paired up with other dancers in their style and given a routine in their style. So obviously, the performances were amazing.

Next week is when it will get really interesting because they'll miss the partners all up and the dance styles will be at random!

But back to last night, it was a little hard to pick a favorite routine because everyone was great. Dancing in their styles really showed why they were chosen to be there.

Two performances really stuck out to me though.

First off were the two tappers: Valerie and Erik.

I'm obviously a little bias because I'm a tapper myself, (not that I'm at their level at all) so I appreciate their talent a little more.

I'm pretty sure I would have fallen down those stairs immediately. So impressive.  Tappers don't usually last very long, but maybe Aaron from last season broke that curse.  He was in the top 3.

The second routine that just left me in awe was a contemporary piece choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Sometimes I really like the stuff she does and then other times it's just too weird for me, but last night's piece was beautiful.

It was danced by Ricky and Jessica.

I suppose I'll like Jessica even though she likes sloths and I hate them. Seriously though, did you see that one handed cartwheel thing that Ricky did that appeared to be in slow motion?!?! How do you do that?!?!

Because the music was so soft and barely there that I felt like I really had to pay attention and listen and take everything in.


I don't want anybody to go home next week. I feel like I've barely gotten to know the dancers. Such is life.

Until next time.

P.S. I want red tap shoes.

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