According to DakotaNewsNow, a Sioux Falls woman, 28-year-old Ariel MacConnell was arrested on Tuesday evening, (March 2, 2021) She has been charged with "abuse and neglect, contributing to a delinquency of a minor, and resisting arrest."

Her two children found and ate some edible THC gummies that she was carrying in her purse. MacConnell indicated she was not aware at first because she was driving.

MacConnell brought the children to the hospital out of concern. She was subsequently arrested.

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According to the South Dakota Guidelines for Judicial Process in Child Abuse or Neglect Cases, there are a number of circumstances under which children can be immediately removed from their custodial home.

If law enforcement believes a child is endangered by its surroundings or is in imminent danger they can without a court order take custody of the said child. The legal process begins after that.

There was no indication as to the disposition of MacConnell's children, but Sioux Falls Police Department spokesman Sam Clemens said the children had been checked on and were fine.

Sources: DakotaNewsNow and South Dakota Guidelines for Judicial Process in Child Abuse or Neglect Cases

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