Residents of Sioux Falls were both shocked and saddened to wake early Sunday morning and hear the news about a shooting that happened near the Giliberto’s restaurant location on Minnesota Avenue during the middle of the night.

Police were called to the area just after 3:00 AM when a customer who was in the process of leaving Giliberto's witnessed a shooting that ended up wounding several people.

Dakota News Now reports, the customer rushed back into the restaurant and told an employee on duty to call 911 immediately because they had just heard gunfire and someone has been shot.

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According to Giliberto’s employee Ana Sanchez, employees use to working the overnight hours are familiar with the loud, late-night bar crew, but never encountered anything quite like this before. Sanchez told Dakota News Now, “It’s really scary for our coworkers, and for our customers, yeah it’s scary."

Other people who live and work in the area of the Minnesota Avenue Giliberto's location were as equally shocked by the Sunday morning shooting as Sanchez.

Rochelle Sullivan, a Subway employee who works across the street told Dakota News Now, “I’ve been here for maybe about 3 months, and I haven’t seen any bad things happen in this area."

Unfortunately, as the city of Sioux Falls continues to grow, the possibility of bad things can and often do happen in all parts of the city. That is why it's so important to always be aware of your surroundings wherever you are during any time of the day.

Police had the area near Giliberto's on Minnesota Avenue cordoned off for several hours on Sunday after the event happened. As of right now, the investigation into the shooting that ended up wounding several people is still underway.

Dakota News Now reports, the condition of the gunshot victims and the extent of their injuries is still not known at this time.

More information into the Sunday shooting is expected to be released during today's Sioux Falls police briefing.

As police continue to investigate, they ask for the public's assistance. Should you, or anyone you know have information that can aid police during their investigation, you're asked to please contact Crime Stoppers at 877-367-7007.

Source: Dakota News Now

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