A woman who was leaving work on Friday night in Sioux Falls was startled to find a man sitting in her car.

"She saw a man in the passenger seat on her car," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "She wasn't sure what he was doing. The woman who was driving the car next to her started talking and asking questions if that was her car. The woman was concerned and started calling 911. She was fixated on the license plate of this other car. As the woman was making the phone call, the female in the other car started driving forward. The victim thought that the man left her car and got into this other vehicle. The woman drove ahead and hit the victim. It knocked her to the ground."

The suspect driver then put her car in reverse.

"And drove over the woman's legs. She was able to get the license plate number. We have some good leads to follow up as we search for the suspect."

The female victim, who was not hospitalized, received bruises on her legs.

The suspect is described as a Native American woman in her twenties.

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