I think we are all expecting the summer of 2021 to be a damn sight better than the MIA summer of 2020, right?

One would hope we should begin to see something that kinda sorta resembles normalcy again, as the COVID-19 vaccine reaches more and more people and various restrictions begin to hopefully loosen up.

The city of Sioux Falls is preparing for a much more active summer for residents as they begin to lay the groundwork right now for a number of activities and jobs throughout the summer months.

Jackie Nelson, the Administration Manager for the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department, told Dakota News Now, the Parks and Rec Department is planning to bring back a mix of both traditional and new programming to help entice the community to get out and about this summer.

As the programs begin to roll out in the coming weeks, residents can expect to see a greater focus on adult health, fitness, and wellness, along with outdoor adventures.

Look for the return of things like; outdoor hydrant parties, playground programs, storyland children's theater, and Nelsen said there might even be an occasional new twist made to some of these traditional programs to help make them new and exciting this summer.

Need a  summer job? The Sioux Falls Park and Rec Department can help. Right now, they have over 100 seasonal positions open. They could really use a number of outdoor lifeguards to ensure our Sioux Falls city pools will be able to open by (May 28).

Aquatic Operations workers are also needed. These are openings for pool maintenance workers, and people who can not only help maintain the pools but also care for the landscaping in and around pools in the city parks.

According to Dakota News Now, Athletic Field Maintenance Workers are also in demand. Workers are needed to help maintain city ballparks to provide a clean, safe environment for everyone.

You can visit Sioux Falls.org to find out more about the activities the city has planned and to get complete information on all the Park and Rec Department job opportunities available throughout the summer.

Source: Dakota News Now

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