Emerson Weber is like a lot of 11-year-old girls. She likes to draw and tell goofy jokes, she has a lot of friends, and she loves Taylor Swift. What sets her apart from other girls her age, and in fact, from most of us, is her prodigious letter writing.

But I am almost certain, that, she and her family never anticipated how much attention the simple act of thanking her postal carrier, would bring. I saw the story for the first time, yesterday, on CNN's website.

But I apparently was late to the party. Emerson's dad Hugh Weber wrote a Twitter post on May 2, detailing his daughter's simple act of gratitude. She writes a lot of letters to keep in touch with friends she can't spend time with, right now. And, it made sense to her, to thank the gentleman who was making sure all of her communications were reaching their intended recipients.

So she wrote a letter to her mailman Doug Scott. It contained all the hallmarks of an Emerson Weber letter: hand-created artwork, a joke, mention of her brother, and praise of Taylor Swift. Most importantly,  gratitude.

She thanked him for carrying her letters to her friends. This is from her dad's Twitter post:

I’m Emerson. You may know me as the person that lives here that writes a lot of letters & decorated the envelopes. Well, I wanted to thank you for taking my letters and delivering them. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my letters, but you do too.”

The very next day, she got a letter from Postman Doug and his supervisor, too, letting her know how deeply moved they were by her expression of thanks. They also included stamps so that she could continue her campaign of spreading joy.

What was unknown then, was that Emerson's letter found its way into a USPS (United States Postal Service) newsletter, and soon, Emerson was receiving letters from postal workers across the country by the boxful!

Something tells me, that every single one of them will be carefully, artfully, and joyfully answered by an amazing, Taylor Swift-loving, 11-year-old right here in Sioux Falls!

Should you need some inspiration today, see Hugh Weber's complete Twitter thread.

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