A Sioux Falls Police Officer received a tip about a man selling drugs in the Old Chicago parking lot on Wednesday.

"The officer was able to find that man Wednesday afternoon and saw what he believed was a drug transaction taking place," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

'Upon some investigation, three people in one car had arrived and met the man selling drugs. Officers found meth and marijuana. The three were arrested. The guy that was dealing the drugs is a convicted felon. The officers also found a handgun and a rifle inside his truck he is not allowed to possess because of the drug charge."

Clemens says drug deals like this one are much too common in Sioux Falls.

"The drug deals can really take place anywhere. It can be at a home, an apartment, on the street, in a parking lot. It just takes a matter of seconds. It's a quick exchange between people."

In the Wednesday drug bust, 40-year-old Larry McKay, 24-year-old Yulia Stefanyuk, 26-year-old Patrick Marshall, and 31-year-old Brandon Rouillard were all arrested on drug charges.

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