Lighting a New Way Counseling Services has a new home inside a barn that was built in 1923.

The animals and hay kept in this barn over the years found shelter from the South Dakota elements.

In this life, we could all use a little shelter from the many storms that come our way.

Storms may be in the form of family conflict, job change, and the loss of a loved one, worn down self-esteem, trauma, post-adoption unrest, anxiety, depression and much more. - Lighting a New Way

In addition to their counseling services offering hope and healing the "Barn on Sycamore" will also offer different seminars like this one Friday September 23rd: Parenting the Sometimes Cooperative & Unpredictable Child: Ways to Promote Healing.

For more information on services offered, and upcoming workshops click here.

An amazing group of people seeking to help people on their journey have found the perfect place to carry out their dreams.

Lighting A New Way Counseling Services At “The Barn on Sycamore” is located at 1500 S. Sycamore Avenue, in Sioux Falls, SD.

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