The holiday season tends to bring out the best in most people, and the spirit of giving is once again on full display here in the Sioux Empire thanks to a Sanford doctor who recently moved to Sioux Falls.

Her name is Ariane Moffett. Dr.Moffett, originally from Los Angeles, is attempting to start a holiday tradition here in Sioux Falls that was near and dear to her heart while living in LA.

As Dakota News Now reports, Dr. Moffett, along with her two sisters were responsible for starting a sock drive in LA nearly a decade ago.

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Their hearts lead them to help collect warm clothing for those in need in the Los Angeles area. Now since moving to Sioux Falls, Dr. Moffett would like to continue on with that same tradition here, as she attempts to inspire those of us in the Sioux Empire to open up our hearts during the holiday season by donating socks that can be given to the infant and children guests being served by the Sioux Falls Children's Inn.

Dr. Moffett told Dakota News Now, “It’s just our small, charitable act to give back during the year to give back to our community, especially here in Sioux Falls where it’s my new community, my patient’s and things like that, and I just wanted to give back, especially to the population that I’ll be treating in the future as a pediatrician.”

You have until Friday (December 10) to get involved. People can drop off new pairs of socks in a donation bin that is set up right now at the Sanford clinic located at 69th Street and Louise Avenue.

Source: Dakota News Now


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