By now, Rihanna is perhaps just as famous for her music as she is her effortless, IDGAF attitude. She can bring a flask to the Grammys, shut down paparazzi with a single aside, and pull off any look from her meme-inspiring "egg" dress to head-to-toe mesh all without anyone blinking an eye. This is a woman who not only doesn't play by the rules, but makes up her own entirely.

Throughout her decade-plus career, the world has watched her blossom from burgeoning singer to full-on icon, and fortunately for fans, her love for some good shade and side-eye has been well-documented along the way. Below, see 23 photos that hands-down prove Ri is the queen of not giving a f--k (or at least, looking the part).

These 23 Photos Prove Rihanna Is the Absolute Queen of IDGAF

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