A Black Hills police dog has become a viral sensation after a video of him trying out his new boots hit the Internet.

K9 Officer Jary is trying on his boots for the first time and he definitely doesn't like them very much. Or at least he wishes they felt different. He has a bit of a deer-like walk to him as he tries to step over obstacles that aren't even there. The video has been seen more than 4.7 million times.

The boots are for what you would expect, the cold.

It's cold out there, which means making sure all our officers are equipped for the chilly weather; even the furry ones! Looks like K9 Jary's new snow boots are going to take some getting-used-to...

Because I have never owned a dog and don't know, I wondered why dogs would need boots aside from the cold or if they really needed them. According to the American Kennel Club, boots are a good important for a dog to protect the paws against snow, ice, salt, and other deicers on the ground.

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