In this political season, a South Dakota group intends to launch a campaign not on a candidate, but to educate the electorate about the importance of the Attorney General.

It’s about drawing attention to the power that the state’s top prosecutor holds and ACLU South Dakota Policy Director Libby Skarin wants an engaged and informed South Dakota electorate that chooses a new Attorney General.

“We see this campaign that we’re undertaking as a big public education effort to teach and engage with people about who the Attorney General candidates are, what their positions are and more importantly, what that role looks like. We want to remind them that the Attorney General is not just some lawyer. They are an elected official and therefore should be accountable to the people.”

The Attorney General holds a fair amount of influence and Skarin told KSOO News that an informed choice will be of great benefit to the state over the long term.

“As a position, a lot of people don’t realize just how powerful an Attorney General is and just how intricate their role is in state government. Our work is political, but not candidate focused. Our message is, be aware of what this role is, be aware of what you believe, vote accordingly and most importantly vote.”

According to Skarin their effort will begin once the nominees are chosen by their respective parties at their upcoming conventions. Democrats will choose their candidate at their convention in Sioux Falls on June 15 and 16. The South Dakota Republican gathering is June 20 through 23 in Pierre.

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