Many couples over the years have entered into prenuptial agreements. Many who didn't, later wished they would have.

Things don't always work out. In the past, prenups were to protect the person who brought way more into the marriage such as money and assets.

Now days in the world we live in, social media becomes an issue. In many cases, social media may be more important than wealth.

First of all, realize how social media can cause arguments between husband and wife. With that in mind, think how bad it could get for people getting divorced.

In an effort to avoid some of those disputes, more and more couples are now including a social media clause into their prenuptial agreements.

Think of the bashing that someone could do to their ex on social media. Especially if they are totally upset emotionally.

This could be very damaging to a person who depends on their reputation or their image for their job or business. If the marriage doesn't work out, make sure to make sure your privacy is in tact.

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