Everyone really thought that after the lockdowns and working from home during 2020 and beyond, there would be a huge baby boom in 2021. Really, what else is there to do after a Zoom call and disinfecting countertops? But that wasn't the case. in fact, it's quite the opposite. According to USA Today, the U.S. birthrate fell 4% last year. Experts believe money issues, vast uncertainty, and virus fears were to blame for the drop.

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But some new parents found a few creative ways to name their newborn - by going to the spice rack. Naming babies after herbs and spices is a real thing and has become a trend. Check out some of the new and popular baby names for 2021, according to the Social Security Administration:

Basil (also a popular name for boys)
Saffron (girls)
Sage (both boys and girls)
Ginger (girls)
Pepper (girls)
Rosemary (girls)
Cayenne (girls)
Mace (boys)
Juniper (both boys and girls)
Poppy (girls)
Lavender (girls)
Jasmine (girls)
Angelica (girls)

If you're not quite on board with naming your baby after a spice, you may want to look at some of the most popular baby names according to Nameberry:

Girl Names

  • 1. Luna
  • 2. Maeve
  • 3. Aurora
  • 4. Isla
  • 5. Aurelia

Boy Names

  • 1. Silas
  • 2. Atticus
  • 3. Arlo
  • 4. Theodore
  • 5. Finn

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