With an extra thirteen officers patrolling Sioux Falls streets Friday night, the goal was to nab drunk drivers. Many other violations were discovered beyond the original scope of the campaign.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens breaks down the numbers from the 111 tickets issued over the duration of the operation.

“We had 2 DWI’s, 36 speeding violations, six people were not wearing a seat belt, 14 driver’s license infractions, and one person with no insurance during the effort. The focus of this was impaired drivers and to find only two, means that maybe we were successful at getting the message out ahead of time and people were making good choices.”

However, it doesn’t mean that police will rest in their efforts. Clemens says that more saturation patrols will be coming.

“This is the trend we want to see. We want to send officers out looking for impaired drivers and not encounter any. (It indicates) that people are not driving impaired. There’s always something. People will run red lights or weave in their lanes because they’re not paying attention. We’re trying to make the roadways safe.”

Another sign of encouragement during the saturation patrol, there were no drug arrests pertaining to this specific excursion.

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