Hell hath no fury like a mama's boy scorned. One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson has always shown an utmost respect for women, evident in how adoring and adorable he is with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Chances are that's because he's close with his mother -- so when some psycho on Twitter harassed his mum, Louis didn't take it lightly.

He took a screenshot of a harassing message that some nut sent to his mother, writing, "Can I ask why this is ok? To think someone would speak to my Mum like that sickens me. Grow the f--- up!" Dayum! He is mad!

He vented, "All I've ever wanted to do from day one is please the people who support us. It's hard when people are rude to our families." Seriously, why would anyone do that to the parents of someone they supposedly love so much? Insane. And really, a waste of time.

Another thing that annoys Louis? Rumors of "Larry Stylinson," the name Directioners give to Harry Styles and Louis as a couple. WTF is up with these people? It's well-documented that Louis is smitten with Eleanor (the less annoying fans gave them the cute moniker "Elounor") and that Harry is quite the ladies man, so even though it's easy to dismiss as absurd, it's still got to be annoying to hear all the time. In another tweet that's since been deleted, Tomlinson fumed, "Larry is the biggest load of bulls--- I’ve ever heard. I’m happy why can’t you accept that."

After his brief rant, Louis got a little mushy and cute with his Directioners, writing, "And now to finish on a good note :) ive clearly flipped on twitter today. I'm sorry to any REAL fan of ours that I've offended." He added, "I love all our true fans so f---ing much! That's a promise ! I assure you all I'm always true to myself ! #embarrassingtweet" Awww!

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