The road construction season on I-29 in southern Sioux Falls will soon conclude. Additional lanes, new bridges and installing a cutting edge concrete takes time.

Months ago in early March, the barrels and barriers appeared. Travis Dressen of the South Dakota Department of Transportation says when all the equipment is put away be mindful of a “next generation” concrete surface for the I-229 loops that go underneath the new I-29 bridges.

“It serves two purposes. First to put texture on the road so vehicles have traction. This is supposed to be quieter riding pavement than most standard concrete pavement.”

Dressen says this concrete will hold up better because of improved water dispersal making for a smoother, quieter ride for drivers and nearby home dwellers.

“Smoother-riding pavement is a longer lasting pavement. Over time we will see better durability when compared to a standard construction project. The folks that are (living) in that area will notice the decreased amount of tire noise that comes from the roadway.”

According to Dressen it’s likely the first time this type of surface will used in South Dakota.

The target day for completion is November 4 for this $33.8 million project.

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