What used to consist of an awkward, nervous phone call after supper, the invite to a high school prom is not what it used to be.

Being asked to the event that many high school students consider THE event of the school year, has developed into much more than a note passed in the hallway or a quick conversation after school.

Now being asked to the high school prom has a name - it's called a 'Promposal.' And although Promposals are not relatively NEW, having a son that is of the Promposal 'asking age' has made me become aware of just what the significance of a Promposal is.

Promposals are the act of inviting someone to prom in an elaborate fashion, often involving props, bouquets of flowers, dancing flash mobs or maybe even other friends or people from the community. While some parents might consider the act of 'Promposing' to be unnecessary, over-the-top or just plain silly,  Promposals can actually be heartwarming, thoughtful or charming (as the case with my son's Promposal).

Some teen experts consider the Promposal a way of teaching teens to take healthy risks and start to grow what might be considered their 'romantic side.' However, others see Promposals as a potential for increased humiliation and social pressure for teens.

As they continue to become more elaborate, the fear of being rejected after the Promposal can be damaging to the young man doing the asking. But experts say that is where parents and other supportive adults come in; by not minimizing Promposal rejections and instead looking at them as the first steps in developing relationships.

Proms are the perfect time for kids to get dressed up in beautiful dresses and fancy suits or tuxedos and have some fun with their friends. As a parent, proms can signify that their child is growing up and starting to make more adult relationships. And often times, those relationships can start with a Promposal.

My son's Promposal was sweet and charming. It involved a fishing pole and a net along with the phrase "You caught my eye". Here is an example of what a more elaborate Promposal might look like. Oh, and by the way, my son's Promposal worked. She said, "Yes."


Source: CNN