The city of Sioux Falls has been upgrading infrastructure in the city to deal with potential flooding in the future. The most recent safety measures in the place are flood gates at five locations throughout the city.

Andy Berg, the Environmental/Stormwater Manager says says the gates are at Dunham Park on South Marion Road, on 60th Street North, and the railroad tracks near I-90 at skunk creek.

Should the floodgates need to be closed, the process takes about 25 minutes.  Alerts from automated monitors alert crews to rising waters to allow for time to assemble the gates.

Berg says when the flood gates are up, they are built to take the pressure.

Should the flood gates need to be used, the City of Sioux Falls will alert residents of the closure.

City planners designed many of the parks to be next to the river for aesthetic reason, but also to accommodate earth levees and floodgates to contain flooded waters.

Beth Warden/Results Radio