If you have been playing Pokemon Go and want to try something a bit different that will literally scare the crap out of you, then you will want to download this game.

It's called, "Night Terror." The game is an immersive experience that turns your home or any other environment into a “terrifying hellscape.”

The game takes full advantage of every piece of technology in your iPhone to make your environment a part of the game. Your camera, microphone, flash, and GPS provide all of the data to build the game’s map and populate it with horrifying monsters.

Novum Analytics, which is developing the game, believe that they can cross the boundary between cinema and gaming.

From messages written in blood, ghosts walking down the hallways to doors slamming shut, the developers’ aim is to “create the scariest game ever made!

Interested? The game will be available by Halloween and is expected to cost around $5 to purchase. Check out the trailers:

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