Daylight Saving Time is coming up this weekend which means it's time to put away the snow blower and get ready for the coming of Spring!

Well, maybe not. In fact, you might want to take advantage of any last minute sales.

Seems KDLT's Tyler Roney came across this post floating around Facebook that came from another meteorologist in the Midwest that is calling for a massive snowstorm to make its way towards the Sioux Falls area. Apparently, the meteorologist  says that "the latest weather model data is saying another 12-18 inches of snow will be blowing around starting on March 9th and continue into March 10th 2019."

So should we all rush out and raid the local Hy-Vee for milk, bread, and toilet paper? Is this yet another plan by Emperor Penguin to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth?

Maybe not.

As Roney points out "Seriously, it’s scary that this post has nearly 10,000 shares. If you have seen this post floating around Facebook, do not take the numbers seriously. It’s still several days out."

For clarification, here is the full Tweet.

And if you aren't willing to take Tyler Roney's word for it, let's go to the real expert, Frankie MacDonald. In which case, WE ARE ALL DOOMED!

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