Saturday May 4th is World Naked Gardening Day this not so well known holiday creeping up on us.

I've seen a lot in my short time on this planet and there have been some things I really wish I could unsee.

Last week I started seeing some memes being shared around on social media about May 4th being World Naked Gardening Day.

I realized quickly when I typed in World Naked Gardening Day into Google most of the websites probably not going to be safe for work.

I noticed from most of the thumbnails on the sites people in their senior years seem to be the biggest fans of World Naked Gardening Day.

World Naked Gardening Day is a legit holiday but I have yet to meet anyone who participates and you may want to check with your local laws before you celebrate.

4 Things Not to Try on Your First World Naked Gardening Day:

1. Any Chemical Application. Clothes are great for absorbing spills and unless you want to risk spills on your hills I'd save this for a clothed gardening day.

2. Weed Whackers or Tilling. I would just try and stay away from any heavy equipment that can throw projectiles your naked way.

3. Thistle Removal. No explanation needed.

4. Easy Does It: No need to go full nude first holiday. Maybe go barefoot for beginners and gradually get all the way in. Your neighbors might appreciate it as well.

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