An argument over payment for a construction job led to arson according to Sioux Falls Police.

Officer Sam Clemens described the dispute which began late Sunday afternoon or early evening on North Duluth Avenue.

“There were a few guys doing a roofing job with two guys helping out another one. When they got done, (the homeowner) ended up paying the guys the same amount. The person that turns out to be our suspect was upset because he worked harder and thought he should get some more money.”

The homeowner then started working on a car in the driveway around 10:00 PM and the suspect reappeared to inquire about doing more work, but the homeowner declined the offer. By 3:00 AM the homeowner finished working on the vehicle noticing the suspect was still lingering nearby. A short time later, Clemens said the crime took place.

“About 4:00 AM, the man’s wife heard our suspect yell, ‘You ripped me off.’ She then heard a loud noise. She thought it was a car that was struck with a baseball bat. They went outside and found the car on fire in the alley.”

According to Police, the fire destroyed the car’s interior. Additionally the vehicle belonged to the girlfriend of the homeowner’s son. Sioux Falls resident 35 year-old Brett Alan Thooft who had been drinking was arrested a few blocks away and charged with 2nd Degree Arson and Reckless Burning.

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