There could be so many reasons why a person would walk out of jail with a uniform that was issued to him and walk down the while street wearing it. It is abundantly clear that if you do such a thing it’s illegal.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens notes this is one of the more unusual crimes and he doesn’t recall it ever happening before. A concerned citizen notified police when they saw a man walking in the area of 41st Street and Hawthorne Avenue with the standard issue clothes.

“The officers got there, saw the white and black stripe scrubs and on the back it said, ‘Minnehaha County Jail.’ He had just been released from jail. They think he was probably was wearing the clothes and then put his normal clothes over the top of it and just walked out of the jail. The jailers didn’t notice that he was still wearing them.”

It is likely that the uniform taken by 48-year old Aaron Dale Gruenewald was laundered and he was issued a new outfit.

Clemens says the suspect was arrested and returned to the jail on the charge of petty theft.

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