WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: I've been a hunter since I was a kid. We have always been as humane as possible when we kill our prey and everything we take is for food.

It's guys like this that give real hunters a bad name. In this video 26-year-old Josh Bowmar kills a bear with spear that he fitted with a GoPro camera.

While hunting in Alberta, Canada Bowmar waited by a bait barrel as the bear wandered in, much like a raccoon coming in to eat from a garbage can.

Bowmar, who is a bodybuilder and former All American javelin thrower, nails the bear with the spear.

Although he told Global News that the bear died immediately, it came out that the bear was not found until the next morning about 60 yards from the bait can where it was speared. The MIrror says it's estimated that it could have taken hours for the bear to bleed out and die.

In the video Bowmar says: “I just did something that I don’t think anybody in the world has ever done and that’s spear a bear on the ground on film, and I smoked him!”

The Mirror made the argument that the bear was not hunted in the wild, but lured to its death with the use of sweet tasting bait placed in barrels to attract the animals and accused Bowmar of leaving the animal “to die a slow, excruciating death.”

What do you think?  Is this justifiable as good sportsmanship hunting?