I was having a social distancing lunch in the radio station's break room with a couple of my co-workers earlier this week, and we were speculating on how the history books will look upon this period of time that we currently find ourselves in.

How will the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 forever change this country both economically and socially?

One photographer here in Sioux Falls is taking advantage of these unprecedented times, by providing a photography service that is currently sweeping social media at the moment.

This social media sensation is known as Project #Porchraits, short for Porch portrait.

In a time that most certainly will not be forgotten, many photographers from all over the country are helping to capture this strange, incredibly tragic period in our lives that is the coronavirus pandemic.

Dakota News Now is reporting photographer Mychelle Smith, the owner of Mychelle Kaye Photography here in Sioux Falls is now offering a unique way to help document families during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here's how Project #Porchraits works, you and your family are asked to sit on your porch or steps, as you interact or smile, and she will capture the moment in a portrait that showcases family life during the COVID-19 quarantine.

According to Dakota News Now, Smith will take 10 photos of a family in about 10 minutes, all while she practices the proper social distancing recommendations of staying 6 feet apart from you and your family.

Smith told Dakota News Now, "It's an excuse to get dressed up and have your whole family together since there's a whole lot of down time. Now, families can kind of come together and do a portrait of them and their front porch. It is very meaningful in this time in our history. I think it's really cool to document not only families but in their homes where they feel safe."

Project #Porchraits is also a way for Smith, a small business owner, to make a little extra income during a very difficult economic time.

If you're interested in learning more about Project #Porchraits or maybe having a photo session done for your family, you can contact Mychelle Kaye Photography here

Source: Dakota News Now

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