Want to live a much happier life? Then just let the fun stuff happen everyday.

If your life is super busy, that's a good thing. That means you are in business. Your doing some big things. And to be successful, you need to organize your schedule.

Time management becomes so critical. Don't allow people to waste your time, stick to your plan. You know what you have to get done and you only have so much time to do it.

Now comes the family part. Keep your family out front. No matter what, they come first. There's a lot to be said about balancing your schedule between business and family.

Make sure the family time is in your plan. But when it comes to enjoying it, avoid making it a schedule. Leave scheduling for things like dentist appointments. Fun with family should just happen.

Your social calendar might be sucking the joy out of activities that are supposed to be fun or relaxing, according to a study on time management.

When a leisure activity is planned rather than spontaneous, we enjoy it less. That's because we tend to mentally lump all of our scheduled activities on the same to-do list which makes the fun stuff seem like more of a chore.

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