Sorry, Minnesotans. It seems our great state might not be as "nice" as everyone thinks. I came across a website that named the twenty worst places to live in the state and most of the list really surprised me. Even Duluth made the list!

If you live in any of the places on this list, don't feel too bad. There are some cities on this list that could be swapped out with others and some that don't have anything wrong with them other than geographical location or a lack of things to do.

Most of this list is based upon crime rates, unemployment rates and the like. Money Inc conducted the study and shared it just last month, ranking the twenty worst places to live based on some not-so-pretty statistics. Sigh.

Before you dive into the list, just know that every state has places with high crime rates, high unemployment rates, a poor geographical location and other factors that aren't exactly pleasant. However, each place has something that makes it special to someone so take this with a grain of salt.

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Even Duluth made the list, which might surprise outsiders, considering it is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire state. There were also places I thought would make the list that didn't. All of this to say, don't put too much stock into this list unless you are looking to make a move and want to know some places you maybe shouldn't consider.

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