Pierre, SD resident, Don “Nick” Clifford, can say he was part of a talented group of workers that carved one of the greatest monuments in the United States. He is the last surviving member of the original carvers of Mount Rushmore.

He turns 95 year old this month.

Specifically, Clifford was hired to work on Lincoln's head, which is as tall as a six-story building.

It's the greatest thing with which I was ever involved.” - Don “Nick” Clifford

Clifford told the Associated Press that at first, it was just a job. But over time they became closer to sculptor Gutzon Borglum's team, and to Mr. Lincoln.

Nick was just seventeen years old in 1938 when he was hired to work at Mount Rushmore

He also has an in-detail book about his experiences on the mountain. It's called Mount Rushmore Q & A and is available on Amazon.

Truly a great accomplishment and a life filled with magnificent stories. Thank you for giving South Dakota this great gift.

Happy birthday, Mr. Clifford.