I was doing my Midwest winter snow prep the other night which happened to include finding some indoor games to play.

When the snow flies there is a need to find some sanity saving activities until we see the green grass again.

I went to the Kidtopia toy store to see what was new on the shelves for the winter season of 2018.

I settled on picking up the game 5 Second Rule and will probably need at least a few more down the road to make it through the winter.

When I went to the checkout I noticed a great sign Kidtopia had put up with a cool way to show some kids in the community some love.

On the marker board at Kidtopia they have the first names of kids at the Children's Home Society with birthdays for the current month.

You can purchase the gift right there in the store and they will make sure the presents gets to the kids.

Kudos to Kidtopia for helping these kids celebrate their birthdays the right way with some love from the community.

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