Katy Perry is the most recent music superstar to suffer a "glitch" while performing on stage.

During a recent performance at her Las Vegas residency, Perry appeared to struggle to open one of her eyes. She would go on to even press a finger to her temple to keep the eyelid from going any lower.

After some time, she was able to get her eye to open and then got back to performing.

The video has since gone on to go viral all across social media with many fans concerned over the singer's well-being.

"It wasn’t the eye thing that was weird it was the fact she acted like it didn’t happen and went on with the show…For the ones who don’t see the problem you are the problem," one person commented.

"She lost the wifi connection,," another commented.

"Her clone was glitching. That’s scary," one said.

Watch the video of the incident below:

Other views of the video thought that she may have had some sort of facial paralysis going on.

It is currently unclear as to what caused the "Teenage Dream" singer's eye to close, however, it is worth noting that in 2021 she shared that she has a lazy eye.

She detailed the experience during an episode of American Idol, where a contestant named Caleb Kennedy shared he wore big hats to distract from it. Perry then went on to reveal her struggle.

"I have a wonk eye as well, and I used to be worried about it. hen a bunch of my fans created a fandom over my wonk-eye. I even have a fandom that calls itself, 'Katy's wonk-eye,'" she said.

"It's my right eye. So just celebrate all that stuff. Don't worry about it," she said.

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