Lil Yachty recently disclosed that he doesn't have casual sex anymore. However, he feels that some women may think he's gay because he's abstaining from sex.

During an interview on the Sofia with an F podcast, which premiered on YouTube on Dec. 9, Lil Yatchy talked about a myriad of things including his sex life with host Sofia Franklyn. The topic of relationships came up, and the Atlanta rapper revealed that he can't keep a woman for long.

"I don't keep many women around for long, to be honest," he stated at the 46-minute mark in the video below. "I don't last long with women at all."

Lil Boat then acknowledged that he's not a sexual person. Instead, he would rather laugh, and have a good conversation with a woman, rather than have sex.

"Because a lot of times...I don't have sex and I think women probably think I'm gay," he explained to Sofia. "Because sometimes I'm just...I don't care that much."

"I think a lot of times women think if they flying out to you like that we have to have sex or like that's on my mind," he continued. "And sometimes I just like to see what someone is like or even if I can be around them because I usually can't."

Yachty went on to say that for him intimacy can be just him and a woman sharing a laugh together, as opposed to a quick romp in the sack.

"It's just not on the top of my mind. I just had so much sex that like it's diluted to me," he said. "It's's not what it used to be."

"I get off more on just really laughing because laughing is so good," he added.

Lil Yachty isn't the only rapper with healthy sex proclivities. Both Kevin Gates and NLE Choppa say they practice semen retention. According to Gates, not ejaculating during sex helps heal the brain and central nervous system.

Watch Lil Yachty's Full Interview on Sophia With an F Podcast Below

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